Jodhpur – A journey from eye to soul.

crafted with the feelings..... hold by the stories ... and lived by my eyes.


Soft Love Kiss….

I don't know from where these words come from .... but this was not edited . After a long hectic day all u need a soft love from your loved ones

Ugly Love

our love adorned with the tears of past and smile of today and platter with lust

How To Master Show, Don’t Tell — K.M. Allan

Don't tell, show them. Let them connect with the characters. Play with words.

The Lost Soul (Part 8) – Grand Father & The Mystery

three world, three beings, everyone is fightings for thier home

Sunshine Blogger Award :)

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive, and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.

Short Story – Separation

A short story on what is the feeling of letting your loved one go for a while. Let read what will come out in their convo.

Turning the knob… — Purple glasses

A Girl and her voice- let me escape to be more confident, to be more lively   She was walking towards the door, she wanted to get out of the cage, she wanted to roar, she wanted to let people know what she is and how her brain works. But the moment she was turning the … Continue reading Turning the knob… — Purple glasses