How are we saving ourselves from severe Climate Change? – A burning question


We love our home-Earth. It is beautiful. But what are we doing to save it? Did we ever tried to know or learn about it? What actual measure government is taking? or what will happen if we kept on destroying it?

From my Diary #1

It's ok to be alone in nights, full of stars and shinning moon. It's ok to cry in such nights as universe is listening your cry. It's ok to be sad, sometimes as sunshine in day light needs to get a reality check. It's ok to be what you feel at the time the river … Continue reading From my Diary #1

Hitchhiker – A Short Story

Would you prefer to give a lift and help a person in need or choose to stay on your way? Choose Wisely!!!

Arabian Nights: Poem#1

A song from a queen to her king, who has forgotten her love for another woman.


The mystery continues, when Edward fell back in the time.