Very Short Stories #9 – The Final Chapter

The witch warrior, her guru and her long quest to completing the prophecy. A short story crafted for you to take you on to the small journey of a warrior witch.

The Lost Soul ….

Everything has changed from my one mistake..... now I'm a lost soul caged under the blue sky of different planet

Column#1 – The Question is …

Chanakya was the Prime Minister of one of the strongest, and wealthiest empires called the Mauryan Empire. He was famous for his Arthashastra, which beautifully talked about economic policy and military strategy.  Today we have summarised the version of it in - Chanakya Neeti.  I found below shloka true with the statement we are going … Continue reading Column#1 – The Question is …

Very Short Story #8 – The Witch Hunting Game (Part – The End)

Here is the end of the game. Martha and Zia successfully hunt down the witch. Their friendship won and the witch's magic destroyed.

Very Short Story #8 – The Witch Hunting Game (Part – The Second Half)

Marth discovered the whispers and they lead her to the hut. Will she discover the magic behind this mystery and hunt down the witch before it is too late. Grab your blanket and phone to read and know more.

Very Short Story #8 – The Witch Hunting Game (Part – Intro)

Martha and Zia, two 10-year-old girls, were mistakenly fall in the game of witch hunting. This is just beginning, what will happen next ? are they going to survive in this game or will lost for forever'?

Very Short Story #7 – Vicariously

She always wonder about her love in the movies, books, and the fables. Always asking "Does he still loves her?"

Very Short Story #6 – Scribbled

Scribbling of a girl who dance behind the close doors and stalk the starts in the night.

Very Short Story #5 – Unfinished

From the dairy of a prisoner. Who left abandoned in his mind. An unfinished story of a prisoner. Let's complete it together.