How are we saving ourselves from severe Climate Change? – A burning question


We love our home-Earth. It is beautiful. But what are we doing to save it? Did we ever tried to know or learn about it? What actual measure government is taking? or what will happen if we kept on destroying it?

The Lost Soul ….


Everything has changed from my one mistake..... now I'm a lost soul caged under the blue sky of different planet

Episode 1 : The Arcadia Lake.

Set in the era of 1930s this chilling time traveling story will take you to the magical world of Arcadia.

Milk and Honey

A beautiful review by Nishtha Luthra.


Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur is a collection of poems, which represents life on various stages. It portrays a woman’s social and personal integration in the society. The theme of trauma, sexual assault, betrayal and healing creates a classic blend of circle of life. It includes repressed childhood of a girl child, her standard of love and her approach towards seeking individuality. The book motivates a woman in becoming more than just a body and, discovering self throughout a process of breaking and healing.

The society has defined certain norms for both the sexes. Writer has taken upon herself to take a deeper look into those norms that defines a woman. Whether it is the role of a mother, a lover, or a daughter, a woman is seen from the perspective of a male. In the book a male is shown as someone who looks at a woman for…

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Last night’s dream…

Last night I had a dream, about burning the entire planet and my transition into a monster.

Column#1 – The Question is …

Chanakya was the Prime Minister of one of the strongest, and wealthiest empires called the Mauryan Empire. He was famous for his Arthashastra, which beautifully talked about economic policy and military strategy.  Today we have summarised the version of it in - Chanakya Neeti.  I found below shloka true with the statement we are going … Continue reading Column#1 – The Question is …

Very Short Stories #9 – The Final Chapter

The witch warrior, her guru and her long quest to completing the prophecy. A short story crafted for you to take you on to the small journey of a warrior witch.

Very Short Story #8 – The Witch Hunting Game (Part – The End)

Here is the end of the game. Martha and Zia successfully hunt down the witch. Their friendship won and the witch's magic destroyed.