The Lost Soul (Part 8) – Grand Father & The Mystery

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Grand Father POV

Its been thirteen years when I lost my family not by any mistake, but by the decision I took, the decision to show these creatures their limits. They have to stop invading our planet. This is not the right way to protect their planet. They have the fight with Amruthbhujangams not with us, they are just using us as a weapon to protect themselves from them.

After my last meeting with these creatures, frankly speaking they are ruthless creatures. So from last meeting I came to know about that the King of Amruthbhujanga Planet is here to solve the mystery of how every time they get defeated. And according to my observation he has found someone from my planet.

Last night I saw a human, was trying to protect her but before I could he took her away with him. That girl reminds me of my granddaughter. I don’t know is she got saved from that board game? Or taken by these creatures. With this thought in my mind, a tear escape from my eyes. I pray to god that if she survived from all these things, just keep her save. I will find you my little girl.

From my last calculation there are around 30 hideouts of human who are saving themselves from both Halalau and Amruthbhujangams. I have successful in keeping these hideout save from the sight of both beings. The problem is these both beings are here to take our advantage one by physically and another one by mentally. And we humans are nothing more than their bait , their ultimate weapon.

I remember when I was merely ten years old when my Grandfather was taken away by these Halalaus along with 50 thousands other humans. This was a massive swipe out of humans. After which our government signed a pact with these creatures. In which it was clearly written that they won’t take away any human until and unless they don’t play that game. Followed by other major point highlighted in red that humans have to play this game after they attain Adulthood, within two years of attaining adulthood.

Halalu were so clever they knew no one could ever be able to win the game. But with some hope & some of the people won the game, they catch the loopholes in the game and I‘m one of those lucky person who always get their next step. That’s why I know a lot about these creatures. I left my family just to save my next generation, my grand daughter. Yes, I already prepared her for every worst scenario. But still I have to save them.

All 30 hideouts contain at least 20 humans, who were able to get escape from the prison. Out of my knowledge there are 3 other humans who get saved but are still missing. For them I left the code message. Let see will they get it on time. I can only pray for the best.

Amruth’s POV

I was so infuriated on my soldier. What he has done was a great lose of time and a chance we get after a long time.

Amruth – ‘Got damned, she ran away from our hideout. This is all because of you. I have asked you to stay away until and unless I crack that code. We need humans, they are the only one who could stop this war for ever. These Halalu has taken a lot from us and now they are eating humans as well. And for what reason? just to own our planet and the resources we have which they want from last 80 thousand years. This war of ages need to be end as soon as possible. Otherwise we will lose our home. ‘ I shouted at him. I knew it will not lead us to any positive conclusion. But I need to get rid of this anger as soon as possible. This anger alone has taken away a lot from my race.

Soldier – ‘I’m really sorry my king, please forgave me. I was not aware about the situation. I saw a bearded human was following you. I was just their to alert you. This was the same bearded human who was in negotiation with those Halalu. That old man is the one whom we should talk first.’

Amruth -‘ Yes, you are right Kauv, we should contact him. He was here from last thirteen years and still working for the welfare of his planet. He is such a strong and brave soul I have ever come across. I saw lots of humans losing their hopes in front of Halalu.‘ I hunched my shoulder, with the deep thought of saving our planet. I’m here on this planet from last 20 years. Away from my people, my family, and my home. I step out when I was thirteen years old, with the single goal of saving my planet. I fought hundreds of war against these Halalau, watch thousands of people dying, from my planet and from Earth, but not a single one from Halalu. They use Human bones to rip off my people.

The procedure with which they take out human was so hellish. When I first saw from my eyes, I was crying, was feeling the pain from which humans are going through. They don’t even kill humans before putting them into the machine. That machine slowly burn their skin layer by layer, and once it totally burnt and bones are left they put them into the mold of armoury and take out their newly created weapon out of human.

Soldier- According to my knowledge he has gather up all the humans who are living on this planet. But don’t know where he was meeting them.

Amruth -‘ Oh…’ was still lost in my memories that I didn’t listen what Kauv was saying to me

Soldier – Sir…. are you alright ? Sir I can’t read you. I don’t have permission to do so. Otherwise would have solved your problems, even if not I would have console you. ’

Amruth – ‘Yes… yes..’ I almost whisper. We could easily read minds of others. But we can’t read each others until and unless we don’t allow others to do so.

Soldier – Sir…. I was saying.. According to my knowledge he has gather up all the humans who are living on this planet. But don’t know where he was meeting them.

Amruth – You got it right , only that code will help us to lead their….. Wahhww Waiiiiittt….. We don’t need the code. We just need that girl.’ A girl with a strong will and soft heart. That girl has some hope in her eyes, she was sad, but still fighting each day to get herself back to her home. The moment she hugged me I feel like now its my responsibility to get her back on her planet. Well I promise you lady that I will take you back to your planet.

Soldier- Sir… Sir..’ he nudged me with his hands, to take me back in my senses.

Amrutha – I… I… will get her. You just be prepared with the army . Now the time has come we have to shake hands with these humans to put this never ending war on end. I will get the girl easily. I can still reach out her mind. ‘ I decided now I will help her.

The conversation ended up with the war strategy and the plan to convince humans.

Agnes POV

‘ Stop playing with my mind.’ …..



Hey, you all readers. The next part of ‘the lost soul’ is here. After a looonnngggg wait it is here. with a bang and boom, with the unfold mysteries and the never ending wars. Its all here in this part. Hope everything has been crystal clear now. Let see how will the meeting end up? How everyone will be able to reach at the spot. The Grand father, the king, Agnes and her friends. Will they reach their on time? Will Amruth is able to convince Humans. Will he be able to stop this war? Will everyone is able to get back home and get rid of these Halalus?

P.c. Sushobhan


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  1. Wow I wasn’t expecting that, you really did come back with a bang. I love how you showed the views of the characters and the grandfather came out better than I thought. And a nice touch with the way of killing humans, creative.

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