Lost Soul (Part 5)

Glimpse from previous part –

“I am, but hang on, let’s go to my hideout first before I answer all your questions. Did you bring the piece of paper from the stone?” asked the man, while he kept on looking around, perhaps checking if a Ha La Lau heard my scream.

“Yes, it’s with me.”

“Alright then, let’s go.”


We both left for his hideout, but why am I believing him. He might hurt me or he must be the trap set for me , or he might use me for his cruel purpose. But whatsoever, i don’t have any other option I have to follow his footsteps. But the main question is what is written in this piece of paper, it is a riddle for me.

After paving 30 footsteps in this weird forest, we were on the bank of small river or a stream you can say. Well he already set the boat kinda thing at the river bank. We silently sneak out and crossed the river in 600 counts. This is how I count the distances and time in this forest these are my tricks to save me from those Ha La Lau. We reached the opposite side of the river, again we took 90 steps , crossing bushes , trees and hiding from the animals at last we reached his place.

His hideout was not on the ground, it was below the ground hide under the dry bushes. At first, I was scared but after taking a deep breath I followed his footsteps. He cleared the bushes …. its all dark inside …. I was dipped in the sweat …… I followed his steps….he ask me to hold his hands so that I would not fall down…. Fuck I scratched my elbow…. he closed the mouth of his hideout now its all darkness inside. He light up the torch … its not that typical torch we use on earth its like flames coming out from the piece of wood. Now I able to see his face… again he was looking like a human but his skin around the neck was in dark blue colour, rest he was same as of my skin colour. Yeah he was masculine, with his height around 6 feet may be I’m wrong but he look badass with that blue throat.  He had long thick hair almost touching his shoulders, half of his hair bind up in a bun form at the top of his head. He had some scratch marks of war which he might fought in the course of time he spent here, was clearly shining on his chest and arms as a badge of honour. I was so lost in his blue eyes that I unheard what he was saying to me. He shook me off to take me out from my sub-conscious.

‘Hey, what happened ? come down .’

‘yeah, yeah… BTW if you don’t mind can I ask you something …’ at last I muttered some words…. I’m too curious about that blue throat thing. So at last I burst.

‘ Yeah, you can ask whatever you want but first come down and relax your body from the journey we just had, have some water and food and I will answer all your questions.’ I wobble my head and followed him down its just 9 steps down. He lit up his hideout with so many torches he called them Mashaal. I settle down on the wooden plank … Its a big room I’m amaze how did he made it I mean this need a lot of time.

‘So what do you wanna know ?

‘I….. ammm… from where do you belong?  what’s that with your blue throat? how did you manage to set up this hideout? how long have you been here? How you first get into this place? what is written on that piece of paper ? I wanna know everything from A to Z. Tell me everything.’ I fired my all what, why and how on him. He sat in front of me offer me a mug of water.

‘ Ohk , I’m from Amratbhujanga planet, we people also known for our code language. On Amratbhujanga, right now my species are ruling the whole planet. Oh forget to tell you my name , My name is Amruth. The paper I shared with you was in code language we use on our planet. I was following you from last 30 days. Now lemme tell you about this blue throat …. on my planet who attain the special position on my planet will automatically built this blue throat. and How I stuck in here well that’s a long story we need a good time to do dialogue on it. ‘

‘Ooohhhh’ that’s what I left with a big ohhh expression on my face. He didn’t ask anything about me strange. He must be a strong personality on his planet. But why am i believing him and secondly he was following me what the Fuck he think of himself. This totally means that he want something from me. But what ? I don’t have anything. Did he  is on some deal with them to get out from this planet.

‘I don’t wanna know about you I know everything about you, and yeah I was following you for some reason but not for what you were thinking of.’ he raises his left eyebrow and end…. but wait how does he know what am I thinking.

” I can read your mind’

‘Oh shut up .. so that mean I’m totally in trouble and left with no choice’

‘ammm seem so but everything is totally depended on you and lemme tell you one more thing don’t think of getting back to your hide out it is now destroyed by Ha La lau… yeah they are suckers.’

‘Great when you know everything then why you need me I’m just a girl who got stuck because of her disobeying nature……’ and then I burst out in tears. I fall down on my knees and start crying. ‘ I miss my family… I miss my Mom … I want to go back’ and I hugged him so tightly as if I was hugging my Mother… as if I know he is here just to rescue me. But still i’m unaware from his identity and real motive behind of his sudden planned appearance. I know right now he knew what i’m a thinking but I can’t stop thinking i’m a Human not a Amratbhujangian. I’m a girl who lost her parents just because of her silly mistake, who ruined her ten years in the weird forest of some so called Ha la lau’s planet.

‘Stop crying everything will be fine, we will get back to our respective planet….. our home… so ssshhh’ he put his index finger on my lip, he hold my face with his strong hands and looked straight into my eyes. His eyes…. dark blue eyes they are saying something to me….. they hold my soul for a while ….. my tears had stopped now ……I respond in a nod. He took away his hand , we sat back on our respective wooden plank and then he opened that piece of paper on the wooden table to describe me the meaning of it.



heyaaa… so here is the next part from Lost soul I know its a late update…. I’m sorry 😦

I didn’t put any twist in this part but I leave second part on planning and plotting. I actually got confused with the ceasor cipher code … the thing is last word of that code made me confuse so sorry Bartek and Apple. I gave the character one new planet …. so this story is now have three planets three stories but one ending…. let see where it goes. Hope you guys like it and enjoyed it too don’t forget to hit the like button and a comment in the comment section.

So Good Night/ Good Morning whatever is the time 🙂

Before reading this part please do read prev part of the story.

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Part 2 by Joker

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15 thoughts on “Lost Soul (Part 5)

  1. Very nice story, I like that the story is expanding so much. It is different than all my predictions and therfore a lot better. Does the name of the planet or the character has any meaning/translation?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah I took that name from shlokas …. that blue throat is actually symbolises something …. let’s see how the next chapter will come up ….. and thank you that u really liked it …


    • I recite this while doing morning and evening prayers
      the shloka goes like this –
      Karpuura-Gauram Karunna-Avataaram
      Samsaara-Saaram Bhujage[a-I]ndra-Haaram |
      Sadaa-Vasantam Hrdaya-Aravinde
      Bhavam Bhavaanii-Sahitam Namaami ||
      1: Pure White like Camphor, an Incarnation of Compassion,
      2: The Essence of Worldly Existence, Whose Garland is the’ King of Serpents’ (bhujgendra),
      3: Always Dwelling inside the Lotus of the Heart.
      4: I Bow to Shiva and Shakti Together.

      I use bhujgendra – another name of lord Shiva and add Amrit – immortal nectar (after having this potion you will become immortal)

      well the character is not a lord but resemble Lord Shiva’s character… now the research part is another writer has to search about him and mold the story accordingly.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s an awesome idea. And a pretty prayer, not like that Christian crap. On the other hand it sounds a bit like some occult incantation form the movies, no offence please. I really like it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • hehehehe thank you ….. well its not an incarnation thing he had some trait from lord shiva …… well you must read ‘The Immortals of Meluha’….. 🙂 are you gonna write next chapter ….

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m sorry I somehow didn’t get a notification of the comment so I just read it now. Joker will do the next part. One day when I will have enough free time I’d like to read it.

        Liked by 1 person

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