The Lost Soul ….

Mommy, please save me, they will eat my soul’ I cried over my phone
‘Honey, don’t lose hope Momma will be there. Keep your tracking device on’

I kept the tracking device on for my parents to search and make me free from these Ha-la-lau, that’s what they call themselves. I don’t know from where they come. All I know they capture humans, after torturing them they eat their souls. They think this will save their civilization.

Oh No! these EM waves from their ship, My tracker. I wobble it high in the air. It lost the signal. My Freedom is in your hand…


Its been a decade now when I last saw my parents. If I had obeyed my parents, this wouldn’t have happened. My eyes brim up with tears. Now I’m here surviving in the woods of some another planet. This planet look similar to earth, same trees, birds, animals, blue sky, water, sand, rocks, mountains, everything is same except the Homo sapiens who dominate the Food Chain of this planet. They are ruthless. Yeah they look similar to humans , but their skin is different. I mean the color and texture, they have scales on their skin which shine under moon light. Till now I saw only forests of this planet, only once in my life on this planet I saw their city, where these Homo sapiens lives. Their houses are different and food and dresses they wear, they all are different . Of course language too. Oh Yeah, i forgot to mention they too have a moon. Cause this planet look so similar to my planet I’m able to survive from last ten years, but yet not my home. I’m living a life of Jungle (Early) man, of which I’ve learn in my Social science text book. That memory is still fresh in my mind. I don’t want to fade it away, that’s why I keep on recalling my memories from earth before going to sleep. Every night I count stars, every night I count tears, every night I draw my parents, every night I dream to go back home. Every Night…. …… Every morning i woke up with new Sun, with broken dreams, new hope, sometimes heart breaking reality. I want to go back.

I was trying to sleep, when again I found myself in the same nightmare, which was actually happened a decade before, when I got stuck with outer galaxy Protocol. I thought it would be a fun having weekend which drastically  turned down into a horrendous nightmare, only because of my one silly mistake.





Ohk, guys here is the first part, as we all have decided to leave it on point so that next one will pick up from there. From this part I have clear that this is going to be sci fic story , but you could add a suspense killing, thrill anything you want but keep in mind that its a sci fic. In this part i’m leaving on the nightmare, which was actually happened with her. Character name is Agnes, rest you people decide. Make it a Hollywood movie for the readers. I will help to add Bollywood masala, if required 😉 

Now your your challenge is to set what actually had happened that day. 

I’m really sorry if it is too short. Actually my Office timings has been changed and this late night bird change into an early bird. This is going to be hard on me ….. I’m crying …. I know I’m not doing justice with this part. 

And yeah all writers please note that we all leave an author’s note in the end  for some special remarks or note, for next writer or readers. 

If you want you can change the title. 🙂

45 thoughts on “The Lost Soul ….

    1. Thank u thank u I’m really sorry for late response ….. next 2 has already been updated on the Bartek page please do check there and stay connected with us ….. and even if you want write the next part u can also join us
      Thank God this is not me I don’t know how will I survive 🤔🤔🤔

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  1. Hello Enni, apologies for the silence. There is this issue that I had a lot of people wanting to join the challenge but than they dissappear straight away so I’m thinking to just keep doing it as the four of us, apple and joker said its ok. What do you think? Because I don’t know what to do.

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    1. I don’t know what you guys are up to .
      But it’s hard to understand your conversation when I’m Missi a lot of part of it .
      But anyway I’ll be much interested in whatever it is..

      I’m too working on my novel’s first chapter .
      Thinking of doing the same

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      1. It’s ohk I will explain you … or you just check Bartek blog you will get what we are doing and if you want you can also join us in this series


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