Destination Unknown – Part 2

…. continued from Bartek – first part is here of Destination Unknown

First read part 1

I was standing out of my Norway House, lots of weird thoughts has overpower my mind. The air was spine chilling. My hands was shivering and my throat was dry. I gather up all my strength to open the door.

I left my house in hands of my friend Ann, she use my place to throw Parties. So may be some party is going on inside. But why am I so nervous. God damned that’s my house and no fucking weird lady would invade it that too from my dream.

So I stormed into my house and ended up finding my friend watching a horror movie with her Boyfriend. I gave my small punch on her forehead to take her out from the movie.

‘What the hell is happening? you sacred me ‘ I shouted at her.

‘Ouch, you hurt me and You’re the one who scared me. What are you doing here?’ she fired back like my wife. Whilst rubbing her forehead she get off from the settee.

‘Hello, if you forget so lemme remind you that this is my house’ I spread my hands wide open to tell her.

‘Yeah I know but you didn’t even called me. whats the matter? You left this place to not to come back ever, do you remember that or should I remind you about that incident.’

‘I will tell you everything  but first I need your boyfriend to go back to his house. I don’t want any extra garbage in my house.’ I smirked. She throw a pillow on my face but she missed her target.

‘Shut up, he is not going anywhere’

‘Ohk, as you wish but I want alone space with you. Just ask him to keep distance whilst i’m talking with you. As you  know I’m not comfortable in sharing my problems with any stranger’ I shoot a glare at her boyfriend.

‘I Know I know. Why don’t you first go fresh and up yourself, you have come from a long journey till then I talk to him to keep his nose away from you.’

I switch to my room which was upstairs. On my way I started checking each and every detail clearly in my mind and start recalling my dream. But I didn’t find any similarities in between the Dream and the reality. Those summerian symbols were not in my hall.

I slammed my door, tossed my bag on bed. Still thinking about that Dream. I shook off my head from this Dream Lady ohh sorry nightmare Lady. I took off my grey hoodie. Suddenly I felt the air just brush off from cheeks. As if they want to really touch me. God that dream. I will get the meaning of it as soon as possible. But for now all I need a warm shower.

I came out of my bathroom in towel, standing in front of the mirror. I felt some one hugged me from behind. I could feel her hands over my chest, her warm forehead on my back, falling hair strand on my torso. My heartbeat was fasten up , I was so frightened that I can’t even able to look up in the mirror.


The idea of above story has come from the post by Bartek on his blogging site. He  wrote a story and drop it at preferably some cliffhanger, then another person has to pick up where he left off and continue in their own way preferably twisting the story. Isn’t it intresting and fun to do. if you are intresting then come join us. Do comment below and go Follow him too on Bartek

Hope you guys will love both  the part.

48 thoughts on “Destination Unknown – Part 2

      1. Hey shall we make one site for this story coz one of my friend updated its part 4 … how will u find that part 4 or the on going one …. what say


      2. It does sound like something that should be considered, for now they are all on my blog and I don’t know how many parts there will be. After it is done I am planning another one but with specified rules to it to make it more interesting then a separate page will be ideal. Your friend Lloyd is doing the part 5 yes?

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      3. Happy to hear that it gets better with every part, 5 is here already. Help with it would be nice, unfortunately I wont be able to focus on anything until tomorrow or the day after because of work.

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