Dating a Superhero – The Iron Man(Part 2)

Ep. 2.

So I waited for that Arrogant Iron Body Guy

I freeze in my tracks, when I saw him

Smirk guy, what is he doing here? Ohh may be he is his assistant

‘Where is that Iron Man? I was expecting……’ 

‘Oh! that arrogant guy, well he is out on a date’ and again a wink

‘Oh wow that Guy has a Girlfriend’, I’m a bit jealous

And ‘who are you ?  his assistant.’

‘Oh my my, he needs to change his staff ASAP’

He was scrutinizing my taunts, it feels like he want to kick my ass 

‘Awww that hit your ego’ I wink at him , walking on my toe I left the room

He was kinda stuck in his tracks, Victoryyy!!

I  push the handle to open the door, he clenches my wrist to stop me. 

‘No No No No , you’re not allow to ‘ he allude me with his index fingers .

Fuck you Mr. Assistant, you are no one to stop me and shut me up  like this.

So I kick him off

‘Don’t take  me wrong but its my duty to keep you safe these roads are still fill with demons so come back here’ he said and I don’t know why I felt he was right

I nodded, get back to my bed , still in my attitude 

ordered him to close the lights and leave the room.

‘BTW I’m not his assistant He is my friend. I’m the owner of this ….’ I cut him off in between Ohh!! what a liar? 

I arched my eyebrow

‘Go get some sleep for you, you’ve gotta lots of work to do Mr. Billionaire.’

‘Oh Sorry Miss. I’m staying with you’

‘Ohh Mr. Billionaire don’t have room to sleep in this big house. Pity ‘

‘Uff this girl’ he pressed my skin behind my earlobe.

this time I kissed the mattress. 

‘Fuck yo…’ .


#tinkadabba :p:D

Hope you guys really enjoyed the second part. If yes, then please do like and comment 🙂 


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