No title……

Some stories are written with no title, they never need any name to being described. They just meant to be happen. And then become a short story locked in somewhere.

These stories are also like other stories, with full of drama, joy-sadness, smile-tears, fight-forgiveness, a soothing start and a peaceful end, or what we call “happy ending”.  But what these stories don’t have in common with others is their title or name…. they get lost in the unturned pages of the history.

These untouched stories have lot more to say and express from the one we know, with titles.

These unnamed, untouched stories are the small parts of our life which we live daily.

The untold story of a tiger/lion is one of them. Yes he is the KING OF THE JUNGLE , but meant to be live alone in the jungle. His pride of being a KING make him all alone. He have everything but not what everyone have. His feelings get crumbled and crushed under the war for pride and territory.

This is how his feelings become the unsaid story of his which never be told and listen by anyone…. born with no title and died with him in the jungle. 

With the every droplet of his blood on the muddy ground, every word from his unnamed story get washed away in time.

This time has the secret box where all these unnamed stories has been locked. Some are meant to be there ’cause for the safety of the world, and some are there ’cause of some diplomats. But yes, they are there for any of the reason. Waiting to be told and listened by others.

.….Me too had a story… lost in the time storage.. if you find it in there, please read..



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