Turning 23..

Sooner I’ll be turning 23, crossed 2 small stages of my life. One is Childhood, everyone’s favorite stage when we all are innocent when we wonder why this moon is following me? wherever I go he come there. When we wonder about all those faerie stories when we make our own innocent stories when we make friends more than enemies when we make memories instead of making pouts. When playing is the only thing we love to do. A lot more to say about our childhood but no words left.

Now come to the second one it is the stage where we are confused between whether we are in our childhood or become an adult. When our adrenaline is always on the rush. Our body is mature but mentally we are not mature or not adult yet. This confusing stage is called TEENAGE. When emotions took over all other things. When Ego born when jealousy born when extreme love born well, love is mix up with infatuation. When every feeling is so extreme. Our mind totally stops working. When we really need someone to guide us. When we do mistakes from small to bigger one. When we make dreams when we set our life goals. When we have a fear of board exams. When we are so used to lies. This time lies are not full of innocence. This stage is full of drama.

Crossed my 20, 21 and 22 peacefully. Now sooner I’m turning to 23. Turning 23 doesn’t mean that I lose 1-year of my life it is I turned to the 23 chapter of my life where so many things are waiting for me. I’m growing day by day, learning day by day, losing my innocence day by day, but developing myself day by day. I will still gonna make mistakes it doesn’t matter what is my age what is my designation or wherever I’m. I will still learn. But today I do promise to myself that I will never gonna kill my inner child, to love what I have in my life and always be like like this, evergreen.

The most important thing about this 23 that I’m an independent girl now, who has discovered herself, there are so many things and qualities hidden in there, somewhere in me that yet to be discovered. In this 23 I’m gonna polish them.

Turning 23 …


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