Faeries who are they? from where they come from? Do they really exist? If Yes then why aren’t they visible to us? Are they just our Illusion or more than that.  We heard about them from Granny stories to Famous Faerie tales. My Granny sleeping stories was always full of these Faerie. They always mesmerize and fantasize my dreams and thoughts. We all do believe in these stories when we are in our childhood. As we grow up these stories are left as just stories no fantasy, only reality that Faeries do not exist. They are there in our mind only. But what if they are real. They really do exist. I don’t have proof of their existence but I do have the story to tell you. The Story of Agnes who fights for her family to take them back from  Dark Faeries.

She is asking for your help to be there with her in her journey and in the war. She just wants our Support. So are you all with her. You will meet her on  Westbury Faery Part I  and her tale is continued in next part i.e. Agnes- Part II Westbury Faery




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